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Botryoidal Tourmaline

This is a rare form of tourmaline, botyroidal Rubellite with a Schrol center. These crystals start with a prismatic black tourmaline which alters in color and form. A red bubbly mass covers the schrol and produces mushroom-like caps which almosy scepter the black tourmaline beneth. This is the only location producing this material.

Location: Momeik, Mandalay Division Myanmar, Burma



AAA+ quality. Nice black center with very red botryoidal masses covering the sides. The mushroom cap is fibrous and well formed.

Size Weight Price
25mm x 16mm x 14mm 7 grams $75 - AVAILABLE



Crazy looking specimen consisting of two crystals, both with the botryoidal mushroom caps.
There are also nice botryoidal crystals on the sides and a small amount of quartz is still attached.

Size Weight Price
35mm x 24mm x 24mm 15.3 grams $150 - SOLDD



This crystal has a mauve color and is very fibrous. It fades from pink at the bottom to mauve at the tip.
Has almost a flashy cats-eye look to it. The tip forms a sharp triangular mushroom head.

Size Weight Price
22mm x 22mm x 20mm 11.7 grams $125 - SOLD



Huge black tourmaline base with fan sprays of red rubellite tourmaline reaching for the mushroom formed top.

Size Weight Price
32mm x 28mm x 28mm 28.6 grams $175 - SOLD


Thicker botryoidal crystal with a 60% black base and 40% red tip.The tip fades from red to pink.
When looking down the C-axis through the tip, you can see a raised trigonal formation occuring.

Size Weight Price
33mm x 28mm x 26mm 33.5 grams $165 - SOLD


Smaller but well formed crystal with botryoidal growth all around the sides. The color ranges from a light to a darker purple

Size Weight Price
19mm x 16mm x 13mm 6.4 grams $40 - AVAILABLE



This specimen displays vertical striations on the black tourmaline which morph into red botryoidal masses.

Size Weight Price
24mm x 24mm x 17mm 13.7 grams $75 - AVAILABLE



This is one huge mass of botryoidal tourmaline with a black center. Green and blue bands circle the base as well.

Size Weight Price
30mm x 28mm x 22mm 24.3 grams $145 - AVAILABLE



This crystal has a red to black to red pattern in the center. The tip has a nice botryoidal formation and a cherry red color.

Size Weight Price
30mm x 28mm x 24mm 22.9 grams $145 - SOLD


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